Process Optimization

Process Optimization


  • Identify business process improvement opportunities through a cross functional workshop attended by those actively transacting the identified process
  • Generate specific ideas or opportunities to improve efficiency, effectiveness & performance

Process optimization workshops:

  • Consist of a 2- to 4-day cross functional workshop
  • Categorize and prioritize opportunities based on effort vs. impact, organizational involvement, and ROI
  • Capture inputs to technology enhancement/upgrade requirements
  • Create a prioritized and sequenced process improvement roadmap

See our Process Improvement Case Study HERE

Process First Approach

  • Realize immediate efficiency and effectiveness benefits from process improvements
  • Develop specific process, user, and business requirements to more effectively enhance/deploy necessary business systems
  • Reduce the timeframe and cost associated with system implementation, integration, and iterative post deployment enhancements
  • Avoid long periods of business adoption and disruption
  • Align internal organization understanding of process interdependencies

Our proprietary Process Optimization methodology achieves and sustains process excellence as a competitive advantage.  ROI realized by our clients has included Process Efficiency, Cost Reduction / Avoidance, Revenue Growth, Service Delivery Improvements, Cycle Time / Lead Time, and improved customer experience.
Our approach consists of the following elements:

  • Business Process Analysis (BPA)
  • Cross functional Process Optimization workshop
  • Prioritized Process Improvement Roadmap
  • Rapid Result Improvement Management
  • ROI Realization Reporting
  • System Requirement Detail