Are your processes optimized?

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November 2, 2017
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January 5, 2018

Business process optimization is a necessary activity for a company in any stage in their lifecycle. Whether they be in the growing start-up phase and require the development of standard operating procedures, a mature company whose processes have become more complex overtime to adjust to their customer base, or whether the company is considering an ERP/CRM implementation to automate business process to make the organization more efficient, business process optimization using the expertise of those who actually do the work will drive improvements to make the overall process more efficient.

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Using CCS for Business Process Optimization

CCS can help provide that structured framework through our process optimization workshops and quick-hit management services. As an objective 3rd Party we can facilitate a cross functional process optimization workshop to map existing processes and generate opportunities to streamline the process with the team performing the processes.

Furthermore, we provide post-workshop coaching for the team to complete “quick-hit” initiatives to continue the process improvement momentum generated by the workshop. As a result, we deliver fully documented current processes, completion of initial pass initiatives, and a roadmap for larger process change within the organization.

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