About Us

Customer Centered Strategies (CCS) was founded in 2011 by Shannon Gronemeyer. His mission was to create a boutique consulting firm that specialized in helping businesses grow their revenue through happy customers. It sounds like an easy concept, happy customers always buy more, right? The challenge is understanding what your customers are really saying. We understand and we use that information to transform your current processes easily and without breaking the bank.

CCS understands the frustration of balancing cost and happy customers that’s why we use a process first approach. Internal process barriers are the number one cause to poor customer experience. It doesn’t feel good to know that some of your customers are disappointed and it becomes frustrating knowing there must be an easier way, that’s why we use a simple 4 step process to improve your customers’ experience, simplify your processes, and grow your business.

Our proposal and approach are often uniquely distinct when compared to other consulting firms. Most of our competitors provide an estimated Time and Materials proposal.  The actual cost can change dramatically as the firm learns more about the complexity of your business.  CCS leverages a fixed bid approach. It allows our customers to effectively plan and budget for project costs, while holding CCS accountable for delivering the agreed upon milestones, results, and business impacts as quickly as possible. We strive to understand the complexity of your business, and we own the responsibility for providing the value promised in our proposal.

CCS is committed to meeting or exceeding performance expectations, we view this as table stakes.  More importantly, we focus on delivering the business results, improvements and values that positively grow your business. 100% of our business comes from customer referrals, so your success is critical to our ongoing success.